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Amazon fees
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Improve accuracy
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Grow your business without adding staff

Make smarter growth decisions by aggregating your accounting data in QuickBooks or NetSuite from Amazon in real time!

  • Get the precise unit economics you need to improve your margins and correct course in your business
  • Consolidate every expense across Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Walmart, and more!
  • Improve inventory forecasting
  • Identify what is driving your profits & losses and see profitability down to the level of individual orders, SKUs, and customers
  • Reconcile accounting automatically in real time
  • Forecast inventory, revenue & cashflow
  • Expand easily beyond Amazon by synchronizing your financial data across all your stores
  • Know precisely what it costs to buy and sell each item

Challenges of growing on Amazon

Integrate Apps and Platforms
Major Competition

2 million+ sellers in 100+ countries

Integrate Apps and Platforms
Thin Margins

Amazon fees are about
1/3 of the scale price of
the item

Integrate Apps and Platforms
It’s Hard to Stand Out

Only 1 in 30 buyers
leaves a review

Integrate Apps and Platforms
No Real-time Accounting

You only get paid every
14 days

The Amazon Settlement Report can be very confusing and creates a few problems:
  1. You have no idea if you’re making any money
  2. The report is confusing and changes
  3. It requires data entry
  4. It’s time consuming
  5. It introduces errors
but it’s incredibly important because:
  1. It’s a summary of how much Amazon is paying you
  2. High risk
  3. Low visibility
  4. No agility
  5. Crucial for high-volume FBA sellers
Breaking down Amazon’s fees
Most common fees:
  1. Monthly subscription fees
  2. Per-item fee
  3. Referral fees
  4. Closing fees
  5. High-volume listing fee
  6. Refund administration fee
Multichannel FBA fees:
  1. Uses different multichannel fee schedule
FBA fees:
  1. Fulfillment fees per unit
  2. Pick, pack, shipping and handling
  3. Monthly inventory storage fees
  4. Based on daily average volume (cubic feet)
  5. Long-term storage fees (6+ most)
  6. Labeling fee
  7. Package and prep fee
  8. Unplanned prep fee
  9. Repacking fee (in case of returns)
  10. Stock removal fee
Compete with larger competitors by moving faster than they can

By automating your financials, inventory & shipping, you can speed up your process & handle much larger order volumes

  1. Eliminate time-consuming & redundant data entry
  2. Save time with bulk tasks
  3. Manage refunds & cancellations easily
  4. Update all your stores automatically
  5. Get accurate, real-time intelligence to act on quickly
  6. Automatically update customers
  7. Update & track your inventory quickly across channels
Integrate your Amazon store with everything

Webgility integrates your Amazon store(s) with over 100 other channels & systems

amazon seller accounting software
Keep QuickBooks or NetSuite 100% accurate & error-free
  • Sync all prices, revenues and expenses―including returns, refunds, shipping costs, payment fees, marketplace fees & sales tax―across all channels
  • Keep your inventory levels perpetually accurate and up-to-date.
Improve your Amazon reviews
  1. Prevent overselling by syncing inventory across Amazon, QuickBooks, Shopify, and any other channel or system you may be using.
  2. Use Amazon Buy Shipping to increase reliability & quality for Seller Fulfilled Prime
  3. Process orders faster and automate customer shipping updates.
  4. Comply with ever-changing taxes
  5. Avoid costly accounting mistakes
Automate your accounting & financials
  1. Avoid tedious data entry by automatically syncing fees, expenses, and refunds between your Amazon stores, QuickBooks, NetSuite, Shopify, and all your systems
  2. Automatically post your Amazon Settlement Reports into QuickBooks or NetSuite with perfect accuracy
  3. See profitability in QuickBooks or NetSuite down to the level of individual orders. Webgility aggregates every single revenue and expense across Amazon and all your channels and systems and inputs them into your accounting system
  4. Automatically maintain tax compliance across every state and municipality
  1. Eliminate human error and keep QuickBooks or NetSuite 100% accurate
  2. Get a complete list of Amazon orders
  3. Show order-level profitability
  4. Sync Amazon sales and refund data daily as a batch
  5. Auto-post settlement info into QuickBooks or NetSuite
  6. Instantly reconcile accounting
  7. Sync historical data—120 days back
Short-term benefits of Webgility’s accounting automation
  1. No need for a clearing account
  2. Works with a bank feed
  3. Real-time posting to accounting
  4. Order-level profitability
  5. Full activity-level view within a statement
Long-term benefits of Webgility’s accounting automation
  1. Trends
  2. Historic context
  3. Simple and compliant accounting
  4. Clear metrics
  5. Business insights
Automate your inventory
  1. Avoid tedious inventory management. Automatically sync inventory quantities and product attributes between Amazon, QuickBooks, warehouses, big-box retailers, 3rd-party logistics providers, Shopify, eBay, and other systems. Improve your inventory planning & forecasting
  2. Eliminate overselling
  1. Keep your inventory and FBA inventory separate to simplify reorders and inventory visibility
  2. Use QuickBooks or NetSuite as your single source of inventory truth
  3. Forecast demand with accurate, cross-platform tracking
Automate your shipping
  1. Ship faster with automation
  2. Save on shipping. Compare rates across multiple carriers and auto-select carriers using rules that you set
  3. Automatically validate shipping addresses and print custom labels in bulk
  4. Automatically update customers with shipment tracking
  5. Fulfill orders from your other ecommerce channels by requesting that the product be shipped from your FBA inventory with Amazon
  6. Automate dropshipping
  7. Sync your shipping across all your systems and 3rd-party logistics providers
Amazon Prime orders
Integrate Apps and Platforms
Manage Prime orders centrally in Webgility
Integrate Apps and Platforms
We do not charge additional fees per label when you fulfill Prime orders