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Automation Software

for Amazon sellers on Quickbooks, Netsuite & Xero

  • Webgility has helped thousands of Amazon
    sellers grow through automation.
  • We are a member of Amazon’s Developer Council
    and were founded by an Amazon veteran.
Automate & Demystify
Amazon Fees
Speed Up
Your Process
Improve Accuracy
& Eliminate Mistakes
Grow Your Business Without Adding Staff & Resources

Make smarter growth decisions by aggregating all your financial data in Quickbooks, Netsuite and Xero

  • Get the precise unit economics you need to improve your margins and correct course in your business
  • Consolidate every single expense across every single channel
  • Improve inventory forecasting
  • Identify what is driving your profits & losses and see profitability down to the level of individual orders, SKUs, and customers
  • Get an actual P&L for each order, SKU & more
  • Reconcile your financials automatically in real time
  • Forecast inventory, revenue & cashflow
  • Expand easily beyond by synchronizing your financial data across all your stores
  • Discover which products are losing you money
  • Know precisely what it costs to buy and sell each item

Challenges Of Growing On Amazon
Major Competition

2 million+ sellers in 100+

Thin Margins

Amazon fees are about 1/3 of
the scale price of the item

It’s Hard to Stand Out

Only 1 in 30 buyers leaves a

No Real-time Accounting

You only get paid every 14 days

The Amazon Settlement Report
Can Be Very Confusing & Creates A Few Problems:
  • You have no idea if you’re making any money
  • The report is confusing and changes
  • It requires data entry
  • It’s time consuming
  • It introduces errors
But It’s Incredibly Important Because:
  • It’s a summary of how much Amazon is paying you
  • High risk
  • Low visibility
  • No agility
  • Crucial for high-volume FBA sellers

Breaking Down Amazon’s Fees
Most Common Fees:
  • Monthly subscription fees
  • Per-item fee
  • Referral fees
  • Closing fees
  • High-volume listing fee
  • Refund administration fee
Multichannel FBA Fees:
  • Uses different multichannel fee schedule
FBA Fees:
  • Fulfillment fees per unit
  • Pick, pack, shipping and handling
  • Monthly inventory storage fees
  • Based on daily average volume (cubic feet)
  • Long-term storage fees (6+ most)
  • Labeling fee
  • Package and prep fee
  • Unplanned prep fee
  • Repacking fee (in case of returns)
  • Stock removal fee
Compete With Larger Competitors
By Moving Faster Than They Can

By automating your financials, inventory & shipping, you can speed up your process & handle much larger order volumes

  • Eliminate time-consuming & redundant data entry
  • Save time with bulk tasks
  • Manage refunds & cancellations easily
  • Update all your stores automatically
  • Get accurate, real-time intelligence to act on quickly
  • Automatically update customers
  • Update & track your inventory quickly across channels

Integrate Your Amazon Store With Everything

Webgility integrates your Amazon store(s) with over 100 other
channels & systems

accounting automation software
Keep QuickBooks Or NetSuite
100% Accurate & Error-free
  • Sync all prices, revenues and expenses―including returns, refunds, shipping costs, payment fees, marketplace fees & sales tax―across all channels
  • Keep your inventory levels perpetually accurate and up-to-date.

Improve your Amazon reviews
  • Prevent overselling by syncing inventory across Amazon, QuickBooks, Shopify, and any other channel or system you may be using.
  • Use Amazon Buy Shipping to increase reliability & quality for Seller Fulfilled Prime
  • Process orders faster and automate customer shipping updates.
  • Comply with ever-changing taxes
  • Avoid costly accounting mistakes
Automate Your Accounting & Financials
  • Eliminate human error and keep QuickBooks or NetSuite 100% accurate
  • Get a complete list of Amazon orders
  • Show order-level profitability
  • Sync Amazon sales and refund data daily as a batch
  • Auto-post settlement info into QuickBooks or NetSuite
  • Instantly reconcile accounting
  • Sync historical data—120 days back
  • No need for a clearing account
  • Works with a bank feed
  • Real-time posting to accounting
  • Order-level profitability
  • Full activity-level view within a statement
Long-Term Benefits Of Webgility’s Accounting Automation
  • Trends
  • Historic context
  • Simple and compliant accounting
  • Clear metrics
  • Business insights

Automate Your Inventory
  • Avoid tedious inventory management.
  • Automatically sync inventory quantities and product attributes between Amazon, QuickBooks, warehouses, big-box retailers, 3rd-party logistics providers, Shopify, eBay, and other systems.
  • Improve your inventory planning & forecasting
  • Eliminate overselling
  • Keep your inventory and FBA inventory separate to simplify reorders and inventory visibility
  • Use QuickBooks or NetSuite as your single source of inventory truth
  • Forecast demand with accurate, cross-platform tracking

Automate Your Shipping
  • Ship faster with automation
  • Save on shipping. Compare rates across multiple carriers and auto-select carriers using rules that you set
  • Automatically validate shipping addresses and print custom labels in bulk
  • Automatically update customers with shipment tracking
  • Fulfill orders from your other ecommerce channels by requesting that the product be shipped from your FBA inventory with Amazon
  • Automate dropshipping
  • Sync your shipping across all your systems and 3rd-party logistics providers

Amazon Prime Orders
  • Manage Prime orders centrally in Webgility
  • We do no charge additional fees per label when you fulfill Prime orders