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Are you a good fit?

Webgility's partner program is designed for ecommerce-centric accounting and service providers who utilize accounting and bookkeeping expertise, with the best in accounting technology, to provide businesses with accurate financials. It's a good fit if your business:

Ecommerce Specialized

Accurate ecommerce accounting for Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon, Walmart and other sales channel


You offer services from the basics of payroll to advanced inventory and COGS accounting.


Understand and provide services for the top accounting and ecommerce technology tools and integrations.

Find the Right Partnership for You

With 10k+ global customers, world-class training, software platform with over 50 integrations, and a supportive partner team, the Webgility Partner Program is the place to launch your business into its next phase of growth. Add new revenue streams, win more business, and delight your clients when you partner with Webgility.
Learn more about our two partner tiers:

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Affiliate Partner

Ideal for new partners that are exploring a business strategy with Webgility or partners that have client opportunities which they would like to capitalize on through a Webgility partner relationship.

Become a Partner
  • Welcome Kit
  • Training (Sales)
  • Lead Passing (10% 1x, $100 Minimum Payout)
  • Webgility Partner Directory
  • Affiliate Marketing Programs
Webgility certified partner badge
Certified Partner

For the partner that sees a growing business with Webgility, interested in developing an accounting automation practice and actively seeking growth through new and installed-base client opportunities and engagements.

Become a Partner
  • Welcome Kit
  • Training (Sales)
  • Lead Passing (20% Close & LTV)
  • Webgility Partner Directory
  • Deal Registration & Reseller Program
  • Dedicated Webgility Partner Manager
  • Certified Partner Marketing Programs
Why partner with us?
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Why Webgility

Better Bookkeeping
Begins with Automation

Webgility automatically syncs data from online stores to QuickBooks, Xero, and NetSuite, so data on sales, returns, expenses, fees, and inventory is always accurate and up to date. Easily reconcile clients’ accounts and keep them tax compliant.

Gain Deeper Insights Into Clients’ Cash Flow

With a complete set of accurate and up-to-date data, accounting reports yield better, more detailed results. See sales summaries, plus fees, expenses, and cost of goods sold. This makes it easier to identify clients’ profit centers to improve their cash flow.

Match Books to Bank Deposits

Make sure your clients’ books match their bank deposits by using Webgility data side-by-side with their financial statements. Easy reconciliation, easy funds transfers via clearing accounts set up within Webgility.

Diversify Your Client Portfolio (And Add a Revenue Stream)

Being proficient in ecommerce accounting and advising opens the door to a whole new set of clients in a rapidly growing industry. Plus, you'll add a revenue stream by earning 20% on each sale.

"The features are unmatched. I have seen many companies come and go who try to integrate QuickBooks Products with eCommerce platforms, but none as professional and long-lasting as Webgility."

Peter Eastvold, Owner

"Partnering with Webgility has allowed my company to expand into the fast growing world of e-commerce. Webgility allows you to earn commission for referring clients to a solution that they need."

William English, Owner