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Stop overselling inventory with a better way

You've oversold. Customer is angry. They go for your ecommerce jugular: online reviews.

How to write product descriptions that sell

Learn the secrets of effective copywriting to boost sales and SEO

From mess to success

A multichannel seller finds the answer to success.

Security vulnerability update

A security vulnerability was brought to our attention that affected a module connecting some customers’ stores to Webgility. We take security very seriously and released a critical security update in early November. We are working with each and...

How to prepare your ecommerce retail store for Black Friday

As the weather grows colder and brick-and-mortar stores begin decorating for the holiday season, online retailers are preparing for a different kind of fall event — Black Friday. This after-Thanksgiving sale usually calls to mind blockbuster deals...

Tips to optimize inventory for your ecommerce business

The majority of ecommerce companies face the daunting logistical challenge of inventory management. The words “Sold Out” or “Out of Stock” can prove detrimental to your online firm as they can turn potential customers against...

Improve your conversion rate with these omnichannel pricing strategies

One crucial element of your omnichannel strategy is pricing. Let’s look at some of the core strategies you can use to ensure your omnichannel pricing strategy is better than competitors’. Understand the price elasticity of each channel...

3 ways voice assistants are changing ecommerce businesses

Ecommerce businesses are making more of an effort to work with their customers on offering a better customer experience. They understand that their business thrives on the fact that people enjoy the convenience of shopping on their phone or from the...

We’re Expanding Operations in the US!

Our Scottsdale, AZ office will support more sales coverage, more customers, and more ecommerce automation. Today it’s official—we’re thrilled to announce Webgility’s expansion to a third office location, Scottsdale, Arizona. With...

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