Meet Webgility!

Since 2007, Webgility has helped over 10,000 companies with ecommerce automation.
Today, we are the #1 automation software for QuickBooks.

Our Mission
Our Mission

Our mission is to empower businesses to thrive in ecommerce. We integrate their systems, automate their operations and deliver powerful insights so they can move faster, make better decisions and win!

Our Core Values


    We come for the job and stay for the people. We're passionate about our product and our customers — but we don't win without our team!


    No matter what we're working on, we give it our 100%. We never stop learning, teaching or sharing.


    We focus on results, not activity. We understand—both for ourselves and our customers—that data and software are key. We use them both so our work creates real impact.


    We do amazing work but we're humble, we're transparent, and we're accountable.


    We are changing the face of the ecommerce industry and have big goals but enjoy every minute of it, whether we're on a challenging project or at a bowling party.


Parag Mamnani
Parag's passion for technology comes from hands-on experience in design, development, and marketing of business software. He has led cross-functional teams to deliver software solutions for thousands of e-commerce companies. Parag's e-commerce expertise, innate leadership skills, and scary-smart business savvy drive Webgility's growth.

Parag began his entrepreneurial journey while pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science at Arizona State University. As a Partner and Head of Technology at the web development startup Gate6, Parag helped grow the company into one of top 5 interactive agencies in Arizona.

Parag then joined as Product Management Lead and Evangelist for Amazon WebStore, where he launched the WebStore Developer program and managed Amazon’s largest customer accounts, generating millions in revenue.

Now leading the Webgility software solutions company through tremendous growth and development, Parag believes that most business challenges can be solved by looking closely at data. He loves numbers and gets the same rush from looking at a spreadsheet as he does from finding the perfect hot sauce pairing for his lunch.
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Parag Mamnani
Founder and CEO
Soon-Chul brings to Webgility more than fifteen years of financial planning and analysis, accounting, and operations experience in the technology and financial services sectors. He is a Certified Public Accountant and graduated from UC Berkeley with a bachelor’s degree in History—go Bears!

Prior to Webgility, Soon-Chul was Head of Finance at iCharts and previously held finance and accounting roles at Charles Schwab, Wells Fargo, Broadcom, and Ernst & Young. As Chief Operating Officer at Webgility, Soon-Chul’s diverse background enables him to the lead Webgility's Sales, Customer Success, Finance, Business Operations, and Human Resources teams.

Before beginning his finance career, Soon-Chul was a diver and marine mammal handler in the U.S. Navy and operated sea lions and dolphins in mine-countermeasures. In his free time, Soon-Chul enjoys mountain trail ultra-running, exploring the Napa wine country, and rooting for his home-state Green Bay Packers.
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Soon-Chul Choi, CPA
Chief Operating Officer
Kinnar thrives on streamlining processes and strives to achieve a culture of continuous improvement and build high-synergy teams. Kinnar is making a return to Webgility after a stint at Amazon as a senior software development manager for Buy With Prime. He is a seasoned engineering leader with over 15 years of experience in ecommerce, payments, travel, and meetings. 


As CTO, Kinnar oversees the development of Webgility's products, infrastructure, and engineering teams.

In 2017, he worked with Webgility as Vice President of Engineering and stayed on as the company’s technology advisor until joining Amazon in 2020.

He spent his first year as a senior software development manager in EC2 enterprise for Amazon Web Services. In 2021, he began his two-year tenure as a senior software development manager for Buy With Prime, a critical initiative that impacted millions of customers globally.

 He is a passionate builder, proficient at envisioning and delivering new products and solutions with a strong focus on KPIs, goals, and operational excellence.

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Kinnar Vora
Chief Technology Officer
Manoj Chhablani
Manoj has more than 15 years of experience in human resources, taxation, and corporate law. As Director of Operations at Webgility in India, Manoj spearheads the day-to-day business for the international team and oversees all aspects of finance, human resources, and administration.

When he's not creating Excel magic, Manoj loves watching cricket and organizing movie nights for the Webgility team.
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Manoj Chhablani
Vice President, Operations
Lynaia Lutes
Lynaia brings over 20 years of marketing and customer experience knowledge to Webgility. She is passionate about creating experiences within B2B tech brands that turn customers into ambassadors. As director of product marketing, Lynaia aims to understand and empathize with customer challenges and create impactful experiences that help solve them.

Lynaia is a Colorado native turned Texas resident. A graduate of Texas Christian University (Go Frogs!) with a degree in Integrated Communications, she has worked in both advertising agency and corporate positions across many industries. Early on in her career, she developed a special passion for B2B communications and helping businesses achieve success and loves to see a customer win!

Outside of work, Lynaia can usually be found absorbing knowledge with her nose in a book, spending time with her family, volunteering in her local community, and traveling to experience all the amazing cultures and cuisines the world has to offer.
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Lynaia Lutes
Head of Marketing
Ashish Giri
Ashish has been leading Webgility’s Customer Success department since 2013, having built it into a high performing team that is passionate about customer success.

Ashish is responsible for setting the vision and strategy to scale Webgility’s Support, and Adoption teams to ensure customers achieve full value with Webgility’s products while sustaining high growth.

Prior to joining Webgility, Ashish held a variety of positions, spanning implementation and services with industry-leading organizations.
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Ashish Giri
Director, Customer Support
Jeremy Whitten
Jeremy joins Webgility with over 25 years of experience in user experience, creative direction and both visual and human-centered design. He’s extremely passionate about creating connected and meaningful experiences that empower and delight users.

Jeremy began his professional career early, working through school as a graphic designer while attending Baylor University (Sic Em Bears!). Throughout his career, he’s developed a diverse set of skills ranging from visual design, user interface design, front end development, animation and branding. He believes you never stop learning, and every day is an opportunity to go from good to great.

He and his family live, work and play in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. Outside of the office, his interests include cooking, craft beer, traveling, exercising and all things art—photography, fashion, fine art, architecture and furniture. He’s also a sneakerhead and musician—nothing makes him happier than throwing on a retro pair of Jordans and cranking his amp to 11.
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Jeremy Whitten
Director, User Experience
Rishabh Bhawsar
Rishabh has 16 years experience in the IT industry, In his 16 years of long career, he has played various roles, right from being software developer to Business Operation Manager to Director of Business Operations.

As director of Business Operations, he provides support across the organization of Product, Engineering, Sales, Marketing and Support to provide customers with a world class experience. He leads development and delivery while managing and growing the Business Operation team in India.

When he is not working, he enjoys hanging out with friends, traveling, listening to music and spending time with family.
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Rishabh Bhawsar
Head of Delivery - Business Operations
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