Multichannel Inventory Sync

Multichannel Inventory Sync
to Optimize Your Business

  • Use QuickBooks or your Amazon store as the master inventory for your entire business.
  • Instantly track and sync orders, inventory quantities, and prices across all stores, marketplaces, and big box trading partners.
  • Easily list new products from QuickBooks to other stores and marketplaces.
  • Easily add and subtract stores and marketplaces to increase profits and control costs.
Control Your Products from One Program

Control Your Products from One Program

  • Track inventory levels by sales channel.
  • Automatically match existing products and catalogs or do bulk mapping of products.
  • Instantly update inventory in QuickBooks for cancelled or refunded orders.
  • Forecast demand, make data-driven decisions on which inventory to purchase, and avoid overstocking with demand planning.
  • Never oversell and have confidence that your inventory is always up-to-date and accurate.
List Products

List Products
across All Channels

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