How do I transition from keeping inventory in Excel to QuickBooks?

Taking this important leap could save your business and your life. 

You’re going to be happy with the results, but it might take a little work to get there. At first, the key focus is to get your inventory set up down to the item level in QuickBooks—Webgility is great at pulling in that data from all the different sale sources. And QuickBooks gives you amazing reports so you’ll know exactly where you stand, what’s selling, and what your profits are per product. It does need to be set up properly, so it’s worth taking the time to move your data from Excel correctly.Save your business, save your life, transition from @Excel to @QuickBooks to track #ecommerce #inventory. Click To Tweet

But some businesses don’t want to track their actual on-hand quantities, so you can also set things up as non-inventory items. The key is to capture all the details down to the product level. In fact, you’ll need to set up your accounting with as much detail as you want to track—bank fees, expenses, and shipping costs. In fact, that’s probably what you’re currently tracking in Excel. QuickBooks can help you automate that data by connecting to your sales channels, the banks, payment processors, and credit card companies. When you set up some rules to enable that automation, then instead of writing out checks and payments yourself, QuickBooks can handle that for you.

Once you make the leap from Excel to QuickBooks, it takes some extra effort to get started and then so much of the busywork is simplified for you. Because it’s hard to make the initial transition, commitment is the key to making the switch successfully—and that goes for any software you choose. But if you’re committed, you’ll save tons of time and money in the long run and even have better visibility into the KPIs that can help you grow your business. Moving to QuickBooks will also get everyone in the business on the same page with a system of record to help you track everything and know for sure how things are going. Good luck!


Susan Hawkins, Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor

Since 2004, Susan Hawkins has been working with organizations like Webgility as a trusted consultant. She has been selected as a Top 100 ProAdvisor for the past five years.