Webgility is excited to announce the launch of our integration with QuickBooks Online Canada. As of this week, Webgility Lite and Pro plans are available to QuickBooks Online Canada users on our website as well as in the Intuit QuickBooks Appstore.

We listened to many of the QBO Canada sellers who were looking to trial our software previously, and we are confident that we’ve been able to deliver the same quality offering as we do for our US-based businesses, tailored to Canada.

Ecommerce and Inventory Automation

As with our QuickBooks Online US integration, QBO Canada and Webgility primarily focus on giving you the ability to easily and accurately synchronize your sales data from online stores like Shopify or Amazon, their related expense data from payment processors or shipping providers, and their inventory information to your accounting system. Inventory quantity and price can also then optionally be synchronized from the accounting system out to the connected sales channels, keeping everything in lock step.

Tax Management

To record your transactions accurately, Webgility offers a comprehensive but simple tax setup to manage the pass through of tax from online order to final QuickBooks transaction.

  • Inclusive / Exclusive Tax Collection – Let us know if your online store’s products include tax in their prices, or if it is calculated and added at the end of checkout
  • Record tax to a single simple tax code, or map by territory and province

This utility will help you quickly add your mappings so that Webgility can distinguish orders from different taxable regions based on the shipping address. When the orders and their taxes are synchronized with QuickBooks as a sales transaction (Sales Receipt or Invoice), Webgility will use these tax codes to pass through the exact tax collected on the order to the right liability account in QuickBooks, making tax collection and remittance by state seamless.

Looking to the future

This isn’t the last you’ll hear about QuickBooks Online Canada from Webgility—We are continuing to add to our international offering with new regions and will be revisiting and expanding on the existing integration with Canada in the coming months. Try it free here!