Compare Rates

Compare Rates to Ensure
Greatest Savings

  • NEW: Save up to 40% with USPS. Best rates guaranteed.
  • Compare and choose rates from different carriers to optimize profit margins.
  • Confirm rates and validate customer addresses before printing labels.
  • Strategize pricing options for “free shipping” to maximize promotions and protect your profits margins.
  • Post, track, and sync shipping costs with QuickBooks and easily generate shipping reports for better insights.
Batch Print Packing Slips

Batch-Print Packing Slips
and Pick Lists

  • Add multiple users to increase efficiency and speed up processing.
  • Generate customizable packing slips with your logo and preferred fields.
  • Print pick lists for selected orders so you can pull items and ship faster.
  • Get bulk rates and batch print pick lists and labels for high-volume orders.
  • Eliminate mis-shipments with barcode verification.
Set Up Custom Rules

Set Up Custom Rules for Greater
Speed, Ease, and Efficiency

  • Set up shipping rules based on multiple criteria—including Shipping Method Requested, Order Weight, and other order details—to automatically configure shipping labels.
  • Add packaging dimensions to your Webgility library for easy selection when printing labels and packing.
  • Customize rules for each of your sales channels. Easily duplicate and apply rules you’ve already created across shipping processes.
  • Reduce fulfillment delays and errors with streamlined workflows.
Refund Orders

Quickly Process Returns to
Keep Customers Happy

  • Generate return shipping labels with one click.
  • Automatically restock returns and sync inventory to your master list.
  • Instantly record refunds into your accounting.

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