Customer Stories

Webgility has a diverse customer base ranging from startups to larger multi-channel retailers. Read how Webgility has helped these companies simplify and automate their e-commerce business!

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Wedding Collectibles

Happily Ever After from Brick to Click

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Honeybee Gardens

Proof that accurate financial integration opens the door for business growth

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Rider Shack

Eliminated inventory errors between their online and retail stores

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Trollbeads Studio

Staff can now easily manage orders and shipping

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Energetic Nutrition

Saves $1.00 per order

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The Nappy Shoppe

Instantly posted eight months of sales into QuickBooks

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There There

High returns on a small investment

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Shipping faster and smarter

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Casa de Case

Breezed through the holiday rush

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The Wine Cellarage

Saves more than $400 per month

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E3 Living

Saves time, money, and the environment

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Without eCC, the time spent on order processing would double.

The support we've received from Webgility is the best. They are patient and readily available. - Greg Ruccio,

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