Managing Sales Tax
In QuickBooks Desktop

On-Demand Webinar | One Hour Duration

Running an e-commerce business means you have a lot on your plate. It is hard to get to the things you want to do because of all the things you have to do—like updating QuickBooks and making sure you’re 100% tax compliant. Problem is, last time you checked you weren’t a tax expert.

With over 12,000 tax jurisdictions, the confusion of sales tax can bring you to your knees. How do you decide which product or service is exempt, when to collect sales tax, and when to collect use tax? Moreover, processing tax returns correctly is critical for full compliance and to avoid audit headaches.

Join Webgility, the leading multi-channel e-commerce solutions company, and Avalara, our partners in sales tax compliance, to learn:

  • How nexus affects sales tax collection
  • Best practices for managing exemption/reseller certificates
  • How to clear manual processes off your plate
  • TWhere QuickBooks fits in

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Our Presenters

Drew Jennings

Mobile and Emerging Platforms Expert


Allegra Mitchell

Customer Success Manager