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The Hidden Costs of Omni-Channel

One of the biggest challenges of being a small, independent retailer is that you have all of the challenges of big retailers, but none of the resources they have to tackle those challenges. Omni-channel – the act of serving customers holistically across multiple touch points – is no different. Learn about the hidden costs of omni-channel – and how to avoid them.


The Marketing Mind Meld

In a galaxy where the skills of our youngest and oldest generations peacefully co-exist, modern marketing will go where no man has gone before. To join the super-generation of successful marketers, check out this infographic.


Is Online Selling Making You Sick?

Online sellers battle a silent business killer every day—e-Commerce Chaos, aka an acute pain in the SaaS. Our infographic will help you determine if you're suffering from this debilitating condition, and point you towards the cure.


The Cure for e-Commerce Chaos

To be successful in growing your business and calming the chaos, you need a stack of systems that work well together and give you data to analyze across multiple channels and systems. We’ve asked experts from industry’s top e-commerce applications to share their tips and tricks for avoiding mayhem in your e-commerce business in 2017.


Email Marketing Made Easy

Simple ways to reach—and keep—e-commerce customers who are ready to buy. In this overview, we cover the three key stages of email marketing to e-commerce customers—acquisition, conversion, and retention.


A Better Way to Sell: Do you know what your e-commerce KPIs are?

Do you really know the state of your e-commerce company’s financial health? There are a number of top metrics all multi-channel e-commerce companies should have at their fingertips to provide key insights into their business and guide smarter decision making.


The Top 5 Ways to Conquer the Challenges That Come With Being Multi-Channel

In e-commerce, multi-channel is the new normal. Your customers are browsing and shopping everywhere, so you have to give them the opportunity to buy from you via multiple channels, too. But a recent survey of 2,000 digital marketers and e-commerce pros found that many still struggle to fully understand what motivates their customers to buy—and which channels hold the most appeal. In the survey, only 17 percent of respondents said they are fully capable of analyzing their customers’ journeys. It’s a problem all multi-channel e-commerce enterprises grapple with.


3 Easy Steps for Mastering Multi-Channel Management

Every year, online retailers feel more pressure to become “omnichannel” and sell products via any device in any location. But for many e-commerce companies, omnichannel is an aspirational goal that requires them to build a functioning business structure around a basic multi-channel model—easier said than done. Or is it?


The Ultimate e-Commerce Glossary

The big list of helpful terms for enterprising online retailers. Finding the tools you’ll need to run the business and knowing some key terms early on can help you feel more in control.


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