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Customer Story: Energetic Nutrition

webgility customer story energetic nutrition


    Customer: Energetic Nutrition, Inc.

    Location: Auburn, CA

    Industry: Nutritional suppplements and natural products

    Platforms: X-Cart & QuickBooks Enterprise

Business Challenge

    Automating the management and accounting of online orders with QuickBooks Enterprise.


    Robust integration automates customer, order, and inventory management between Online Store and QuickBooks.


    Saves three hours per day.

    Eliminated data entry errors.

    Saves $1000 each month.

Energetic Nutrition Inc. saves over $1000 each month with Webgility

Energetic Nutrition is a nutritional supplement and natural product company with three online stores. They have been in business since 1996, serving over 25,000 customers. President & CEO Lorraine McGorry, a former accountant, was frustrated because her staff had to manually enter customer information and online orders into QuickBooks Enterprise. This manual re-entry method was wasting several hours of data-entry time each day and significantly slowing the order fulfillment process. With her accounting background and knowledge of QuickBooks, Lorraine knew that any data-synchronization solution would possibly cause additional headaches by creating accounting errors and customer data duplication.

We've been waiting for a program like Webgility for a long time. It meets and exceeds our needs, and we couldn't be happier with it.

Lorraine McGorry, President & CEO

Webgility automated Energetic Nutrition's business functions.

When Lorraine researched all the available data-synchronization solutions she found that most were either too complicated or not comprehensive enough.

When she found Webgility, she knew it was the right choice thanks to its easy-to-use interface, ability to effectively map fields, and accurate customer-matching logic. Lorraine reported that "Webgility accurately transfers all the information we need. I wish we had found it sooner."

Lorraine explained that it was very easy to map fields between QuickBooks Enterprise, Webgility and Energetic Nutrition's X-Cart shopping platform and stated "Webgility really optimized our business since we no longer have to enter new customers and type orders into QuickBooks."

For Lorraine, it was imperative that the integration solution be able to match existing customers without creating duplicate accounts and "bloating" the already extensive 25,000-customer database. She loved that Webgility was smart enough to recognize existing customers in the system and eliminate duplication.

Webgility pays for itself in two weeks

Energetic Nutrition has realized tremendous benefits since implementing Webgility. The company has eliminated data-entry errors and saved three hours of data entry time per day. This has translated into a savings of $1 per order. Multiply that by the 1,100 orders the company processes each month and that's a noteworthy savings of $1,100 each and every month. Lorraine explained "We recouped our Webgility investment within 15 days of using it!" By automating order entry, Webgility has also helped Energetic Nutrition meet its on-time shipping promise. The time savings and efficiency created by Webgility has helped free up time for other critical office tasks and has resulted in an enhanced customer experience

Energetic Nutrition's experience with Webgility

Lorraine was impressed with her excellent implementation experience and, during the setup process, appreciated that Webgility listened closely to all of the company's challenges. In addition, she loved Webgility's fast service and support and the fact that they're available for remote troubleshooting around the clock. Lorraine also explained that Webgility addressed her detailed field-mapping issues and understood the necessary customizations. She said, "Many customizations were made part of the program within a short period of time, with no cost to us! And I didn't have to educate the Webgility team on what we needed - they just 'got it.'"

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