Eugene Toy & Hobby

A solution for competing in a post-Amazon world

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Cameron Halmrast was hired to complete an unfinished website for specialty brick and mortar store Eugene Toy & Hobby, but he soon found himself in over his head. With 34,000 products and no systems in place for managing inventory, he needed far more than data entry help. Overselling had become a big problem and as a result online profits were going down the drain quickly. After a WooCommerce plug-in failed to do the job, Halmrast tried Webgility for 15 days and found the solution he was looking for.

With Webgility, Eugene Toy & Hobby has been able to:

  • Increase monthly e-commerce orders by 800%
  • Maintain accurate real-time inventory across channels and in store
  • Grow their online business by experimenting on different sales channels
  • Strategize product sales and profit margins by channel

Read how Webgility helped this once struggling mom-and-pop store find a way to survive— and thrive—online.