Streamline your supply chain with trading partners

Automate tedious data entry for purchase orders and eliminate mistakes in inventory and accounting

Centralize shipping and EDI processing for all your ecommerce, wholesale, and retail channels

Integrate Systems & Trading Partners

Seamless EDI across All Your Systems, Including:

Ecommerce Channels
and many more…
Shipping & Fulfillment
and many more…
Accounting Systems
and many more…

Integrate Your Trading
Partners into Your Ecosystem

Integrate Flawlessly with SPS

We've partnered with SPS Commerce so you can have access to thousands of trading partners. Whether you're new to SPS or are already a customer, we can help you streamline your operations.


Automate & Centralize Operations

Webgility integrates all your trading partners through SPS
so you can improve your purchase order workflow and reduce manual effort

  • Connect to your ecommerce channels and synchronize data to minimize mistakes in inventory and accounting

  • Record accurate revenue, taxes, and fee details from all your channels to ensure your accounting is in compliance

  • Eliminate busywork and get everyone on the same page by bringing all your data into one dashboard


Analyze Performance

Use actionable data insights from all your sales channels
to reduce costs and profitably grow revenue

  • Centralize data from your EDI partners and ecommerce channels

  • Discover hidden expenses in your ecommerce operations

  • Identify the most profitable channels, products, and customers