Automatically post and sync ecommerce sales, returns,
and expense information to Xero using Webgility.


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Xero Ecommerce Integration

How Webgility integrates with Xero

Offload your Xero accounting busywork

Do less work in accounting by automating repetitive tasks. Webgility posts ecommerce income, fees, taxes, and more directly to Xero, saving you hours of manual data entry while ensuring accuracy.

Reduce inaccuracies and margin for error

Webgility captures data from your online sales channels, and it flows directly into Xero on your schedule. No more spreadsheets and no more manual effort.

Unlock intelligent ecommerce insights

You’re already using Xero for reporting, but it’s time to go deeper. With Webgility, you’ll get granular details of your performance and profitability at an order and item level.

Key benefits

Keep Your Books Up to Date
Keep your books up to date

Income is recorded for each transaction, and each
payout is shown in real-time. Boom: always-current books.

Easy Collaboration with Accounting Professionals
Easy collaboration with accounting professionals

Shared access to your books can allow your chosen accounting professional to stay on top of any necessary adjustments.

Control Cash & Profitability
Control cash and profitability

Quickly gain insight into cash flow and performance, so you spend
less time doing books and more time driving growth.

About Xero

Xero is a cloud-based accounting software platform for small businesses with 2.45 million subscribers globally. Through Xero, small business owners and their advisors have access to real-time financial data any time, anywhere and on any device. Xero offers an ecosystem of over 800 third-party apps and 200 plus connections to banks and other financial partners.


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“We've been using Webgility for our online business for the past 10 years. It's a phenomenal product that improves workflow and efficiency.
Supplement World
“From small to medium to large businesses, Webgility frees up your team to spend the time with your clients and not be caught up in the endless world of data entry and accounting.”
American Hat Makers Red

Webgility integrates with major ecommerce platforms,
marketplaces, payment processors and shipping solutions.

Webgility Ecommerce Integrations